Blitzkrieg Whores 18+ is run by a team of volunteers who are contributing their spare time to running and improving the game in any way possible. We aren't making any profit out of this game, any donations made towards Blitz go purely towards the running costs of the game.

Here at Blitzkrieg Whores 18+ we strive to provide a unique and fun experience for all of our gamers. We believe in providing a top notch server on a top notch network and we'll never overload our system with additional game servers. However, all of these things are not free! All of these things are made possible by our gracious donors. Donations received by our community go back into our community. We are supported by donations 100%.

Any donations go towards the following running costs:

You can donate one of two ways:

If you are feeling generous and don't want any perks you may donate via Paypal to

If you are looking for donor perks have your Steam ID ready and click the button bellow to receive a reserved slot and auto team balance immunity. Your perks will last 30 days for every $5 you donate.